Who is This Jake Anyway?

Aside from our jaunty name, we are known for our innovative, integrated approach to digital marketing. We are a group of strategists, artists and engineers working together to deliver creative solutions that build business.

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Our studio is located in the heart of Georgetown, just off the historic C&O Canal. Like our design aesthetic, we prefer modern interiors -– clean, bright and functional. Large whiteboards for brainstorming, a dedicated conference area for client meetings and a private backyard garden ensure that our team has enough creative space to come up with inspired ideas.

Digital Marketing Director

Brian Coulombe

As Digital Marketing Director, Brian Coulombe is the in house expert that tailors the wide variety of marketing opportunities to specific client needs. He began his agency career back in 2004 working for Havas Media in Boston, doing digital planning and buying. Brian eventually caught the start-up bug during his time in New York City. Prior to joining Jake Group, his startup adventures led him to leading marketing efforts in the art world, for an artificial intelligence company, and even a craft brewery. Brian holds a business degree from the University of New Hampshire.

In my own words...
Marketing Pro-Tip

I might be a data nerd, but I always recommended ensuring proper tracking and analytics are in place before starting any notable marketing activity.

Weekend Fun

I love simply spending time in the backyard with my family. We're ambitious with our yard projects and I'm currently trying to grow giant sunflowers.

Fun Fact

I'm an avid vinyl record collector and have also run a small record label for over 15 years with admittedly infrequent releases. Surely more to come though!

Guilty Pleasure

HGTV. I could watch it all day, everyday. That said, the tv is mostly whatever our 3 year old wants to watch.

My Someday Goal

Hike the Appalachian Trail.

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How We Work

How We Work

Not sure where to start or what’s involved in designing a made-to-order website? With so many technical terms and fancy industry jargon to decipher, it’s no wonder clients are often confused by the world of digital marketing. To demystify the web design process, we’ve outlined our 10-Step Process of Custom Web Design, explaining the fundamentals of building a website and answering some of your most frequently asked questions.

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