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Leigh Rossi

Virtual Events? In-Person Conferences?: Why a “Hybrid” Model May Be the New Normal

As COVID rates are declining and restrictions are increasingly lifted, businesses are beginning to reintroduce in-person events and conferences. While it’s been two years since the great shut-down of 2020, we have all become more flexible and comfortable with gathering via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other video conference platforms. However, online get-togethers hardly compare to the experience of socializing and networking in person. Introduce: the Hybrid Event. It’s the best way to marry the experience of in-person conferences with the convenience of attending virtually from the comfort of home.

Luckily, our team here at Jake has perfected the art of the Hybrid Event. Last year, we produced a fully virtual conference website for the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC). It included a customizable schedule with session topics and speakers, leading users to the “Virtual Event” via Vimeo and live Zoom videos.

This year, in the spirit of bringing people really back together, AAVMC hosted its flagship event at the historical Watergate Hotel here in Washington, DC. When they made the decision to hold the event in-person, they knew participants would want an alternative option due to the up-and-down nature of COVID cases, protocols, and restrictions. They needed to find a way to bring back the live experience of the conference, while also providing a flexible option for International Attendees and others whose travel plans were changing last minute. With the success of last year’s Virtual Conference Website, we were confident that we could create a tool that could function as a space to serve both in-person and virtual attendees.

Working together with the AAVMC, we updated the existing Annual Conference Website to serve as the new hub for the hybrid-conference. The updated website included:

  • Over 40 session rooms with embedded video from livestream zoom links, as well as pre-recorded Vimeo links, in addition to live Q&A sessions.
  • Updated site navigation so attendees could easily find in-person locations for Sessions, as well as the online videos to access the event.
  • Speaker bios and headshots, all organized and in the correct places/rooms.
  • Add to Calendar feature, to ensure in-person and online attendees could sync the schedule to their devices.
  • Travel and lodging information to assist attendees with accommodation planning.
  • More effectively tracking analytics and user engagement across the different participants for hybrid, in-person, fully virtual attendees.


Why should you consider a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event is looking more-and-more like the future of conferences to come. It allows your organization to offer various registration packages, gives attendees more flexibility, and expands the global reach of your conference from just one location. Let Jake Group lead the way. We are here to help navigate all of your needs for a hybrid event, ensuring that attendees near and far can join in on the festivities. 


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