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Brien Patterson

Maintaining Connections with Your Customers During the COVID Crisis

  • By Brien Patterson
  • January 4, 2021
  • General

As the landscape surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, regular communication with your clients is critical. When interacting with your customers via your website, mailing lists, or social media platforms, there are a number of things to consider in order to maintain relationships with existing clients and build trust among new contacts.

Customer Interaction 

The most important thing your customers should know is that you are there, ready to serve them. The means by which you communicate with your customers may have changed, but as long as the lines of communication are open and clear, they will be able to continue to do business with confidence.

Changes in Policy

Has the pandemic changed the way you think about the community and how your business fits in? Do you see this potentially changing the way you do business forever? Make sure your users are aware of the ways in which your company has evolved in response to the pandemic. 

Keep Your Users Informed

The pandemic continues to bring new challenges. Many of these challenges will have a direct impact on your customers and how they interact with you. Make certain they are up-to-date on the current state of affairs, especially as it pertains to the support your business can provide.

Connect to Resources

The community is coming together in remarkable ways to deal with this crisis. A wide variety of resources have been developed to help people through it, and many of them can be helpful for your customers. Making sure they are aware of these resources and have easy access can strengthen the connection with your customers and facilitate your ability to do business.

Report on Outreach

Keep users informed about the steps your business is taking to help the community now more than ever. You’re not blowing your horn. You are providing a positive example that others will appreciate. Highlighting your contributions can inspire others to reach out as well.

These are a few examples that help to illustrate the importance of maintaining the lines of communication. More than ever, customers want to see that your business is in touch with our current situation and it is ready to deal with the shifting landscape. 



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