Jake Intel

Mark Wahl

Jake Publishes WordPress Plugin

Jake is excited to announce the release of our first publicly available WordPress plugin.

WordPress is one of our favorite content management systems to use because of its quality and flexibility—traits that result from countless hours of development by its dedicated community of programers. After developing numerous proprietary plugins custom-tailored to meet the needs of our clients, we decided that it was time to get more actively involved with the WordPress developer community and convert one of those for public use.

About the Plugin

Our Post & Pages Admin Renamer plugin does just that—it allows users to rename “Posts” and “Pages” within the WordPress administrative interface to terms that are more suitable for their particular website. This comes in handy when they are using the Posts section for “News Items” or “Quick Tips” or “Articles.” Renaming these sections provides our clients (and now you) with a much more intuitive backend interface.

It’s a basic tool, but we find that the seemingly simple details often make a big difference for system usability in general. The Post & Pages Admin Renamer plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository at the following link: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/postpage-admin-renamer/