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Anneli Werner

Jake Develops New Brand, Website and Social Media Campaign for Animal Rescue Group

  • By Anneli Werner
  • July 3, 2013
  • General

As devoted animal lovers here at Jake (“Molly Monster” is our canine studio mascot), we were thrilled to design an identity, website presence and social media campaign for All About Animals, a Houston-based no-kill rescue group dedicated to reducing the overpopulation, abuse and neglect of dogs, cats and other domestic pets.

Since All About Animals is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization funded completely on donations, it was essential that we design a clear, user-friendly interface that would allow visitors—especially those unaccustomed to web-based transactions—to interact with the site and confidently submit the required data for online credit and debit card payments. To keep costs down, we implemented a simple and secure payment system with an intuitive online dashboard, making it easy to manage and visualize customers, payments and refunds.

In conjunction with the successful brand roll-out and website launch, Jake also worked with All About Animals to generate word-of-mouth marketing through social media. By promoting the organization’s mission through virtual communities, they were able to increase user traffic by over 1/3 with 34.6% of all visits coming from Facebook alone. Traffic has averaged 5.47 pages per visit with users remaining on the site an average of 6 minutes, 32 seconds per session—all indicators that their user audience is engaged, interacting with the content, and likely to contribute via the online interface.

With shelters in the Houston area euthanizing more than 80,000 unwanted pets a year (approximately 220 a day), All About Animals is thankful to have the necessary tools and training to support their mission of saving lives. They continue to solicit donations through the website and social media, caring not only for the pets they’ve rescued, but preventing unwanted lives through proactive spaying and neutering. To learn more or make a difference with a generous donation, please visit https://adamsappleanimals.org.

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